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Triumph Versus MG

Triumph Versus MG


Issue #117

In this issue:

  • MG Rover Sold
  • Become Famous (How to get into the 2006 calendar)
  • Brouhaha at the BRIC (BS Levy's take on the big-bore wreck)
  • MG vs. Triumph (Cover story)
  • A Peek Under the Hood (TR3, MGA, MGB, and TR4 track car comparison)
  • More Racers (More MG and Triumph comparisons)
  • Mitty History Lesson (How it got started)
  • Modern BMW Muscle (Modified 3.0 CS)
  • Re-Zoom (New 2006 Mazda Miata)
  • Miatas in 'Merica (Miata chronology)
  • Great American Roads (Hawaii)
  • Fiat Dino
  • Interview: Kas Kastner
  • Project Modern Midget (Part 11)
  • Ignition Tech (Ignition troubleshooting)
  • Project Volvo 142S (Part 3)

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